Creative Consulting Session $99/hour

Let's discuss and talk about your story together.  We will begin discussing the overall theme and message of your story, then we will move to the overall plot structure.  From there, we will concentrate on character development, psychology, and the roles of other characters.  We will then focus on setting the stage and discuss scene structure.


Finally, we will move into the actual writing of your piece.  By focusing on one specific scene, we will construct the dialogue, internal conflicts, and then fill in the visual cues to help kickstart your story.

Manuscript Review $3/per page


Let me review your manuscript.  I will be checking for overall plot progression, character development, theme analysis, and overall tone.


My feedback will be related to those items and I will ask key questions to help you develop your ideas to their full potential. 

Manuscript Professional Editing $5/page

Your final manuscript will be reviewed for grammar, spelling, and other mechanical issues.  The goal is to make sure what you are communicating is clear for the reader as well as paying attention to conventional English rules.


Your manuscript will be printed and marked up for corrections.  It will then be shipped back to you (shipping fees will be applied).

Let me help you tell your story...

Everyone has a story living deep inside their soul.  Telling the world that story requires the careful and detailed craft of writing. From plot structure, to character development, let me help you find that story and share it with the world.

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